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Here are my comments based on what I see western tech companies doing:

Social Media, Communication & Marketing

  • African startups don't blog enough about their products. A startup should put out at a minimum two blog posts per month.
  • In the same light talking about your product on social media is key. The main point here is the frequency and consistency, which should be at least three posts per day (using fun and interactive ).
  • Also, African startups need to include game-based marketing strategies, periodic events, competitions etc. For example; Flip2read can come up with a yearly developer festival for developers to create around their APIs or products, stuff like that. This all boils down to creative marketing strategies. The Google Developer communities around the world act as Google's key marketing strategy to make sure that they have an unending loop of quality developers around the world. Many big tech companies also use this strategy.
  • Another point is, African startups have poor customer retention policies or the aspect of customer acquisition/ growth is completely absent. Our local startups need to copy the aggressive schemes to make customers feel #1. In my opinion, I see that "they want customers to come to them, instead of aggressively going out to the customers"
  • There is hardly any good documentation on how to use products. People just believe that it should be auto intuitive for users. But if you take a look at the documentation from startups in the west, you'll see that they explain the nitty gritties to the barest minimum.
  • The user feedback schemes and processes are barely available.
  • Western startups do a lot of work under the hood before they gain world recognition. If you listen to stories from top tech founders like Elon Musk, you'll gain some good insights on how he struggled in the beginning to get people interested in electric cars. Not all tech startups in the west have this recognition, but only those who go out there aggressively to get the work done. 

    In summary, I strongly believe that if African Startups have great products, and can talk more about how their products work and can come up with strategies to consistently engage potential users, a lot of progress will be made!!


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