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What are the processes involved in the dissection of a chick for practicals?

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Dissecting a chick can be very tidious sometimes for advanced level students. So what do we do?
You get the chick and pin to the table or to your disecting board, then you will be given instructions by your teacher or the person taking you for the exercise.
The instructions will be for you go display some of the organs of the various system during  the practicals.

lets say you are being asked to dissect a chick and display its digestive system .

What you are supposed to do after pinning your chick to the disecting board is:
Unplug the feathers from the chick in order to see what you'r really dissecting.
After unpluging, use your scalpel in your disecting set to create an incision just above the anal region.
Make sure that when creating the incision you should not go too deep to avoid pucturing any internal organ. Then use the disecting scissors in the dissecting set to cut ventrally towards the rib cage to form two flaps of the skin on both the left and the right side.


Make sure when cuting ventrally,  the line of the cut shoud begin just above the anus, then you cut through the ribcage to the neck.
Let the  blond end, or in order words, the larger part of your dissecting scissors face downward . This is to prevent your internal organs from being destroyed.
Then, pin the flaps of the skin to the dissecting board.
Remove the ribcage together with any other system that is not related to the digestive system like the lungs and the heart, since you were asked to display the digestive system or alimentary canal.
Then, carefully display the intestines either to the left or the right of the animal. After displaying, you now draw your diagram exactly the way your dissected chick is and that's how you earn your points for the practical session.


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