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Honestly, it is not good  when such a thing happens in a couple. Where I will say, you had failed, is that at the beginning, you did not show him you are strong-so he uses this weakness of yours against you!

Nevertheless, I think, beside prayers you discussed either with his parents or elder brothers (since he is your Man) and they will best know how to talk to him, otherwise you drop him!!! Thank u

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First I would advice you put him in prayers, look at the friends he hangs out with for they are the ones corrupting him. Thirdly you are a lady and as well an adult I would advice you put him down and ask what the main problem is ,so he airs what he is hiding inside , 

Divorcing a marriage has never solved a problem find out what the problem is 

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My Dear, I know how hard that could be for you And so I will love to give you some tips on how to go about  this.

Firstly  and most importantly it is always advisable  to put him in your prayers.Ask God to change him and give him a soft heart for you. It is only God who can truly Change  and transform a person's life. And when you pray, believe  that He shall Answer you.

Secondly, it would be great for you to note and find out the things that makes him upset and try to avoid them 

Also, I just You sit him down during his calm moments and try to reason  with him and probably  find out what his problems  really are

Again, You could find out what he loves best and try doing it for him. Always be there for him when his down. All this will help improve and better his love for you.

I won't  suggest  Divorce  because, in life we don't  run away from our problems  but we get ways to fix them. And so divorcing him won't  solve an issue.

"What God puts  together  let no man put asunder"

Remember  it is till dead do you path. It's an eternal  commitment  so you have to fight for it

Hope's this help out. 

Seriously i truly appreciate your words especially the 1st n 3rd point, ive heard u,ill try all i can to sit him down peacefully n get to know exactly where his problem generated from ,,thanks again
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You are Highly  welcome
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My dear, put him in prayer because with God all things are possible. He miraculously transforms lives and turns evil people and sinners to saints. He will instill LOVE in your husband; a degree of Love that surpasses human understanding.

Trust in Him friend, for He will never fail you. Pray, without ceasing, for your husband's transformation and leave the rest to God.

Have a blessed day.
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Don't live him becuz people make mistakes and that is his.
Just try to develop a strategy to change him and beware it will be extremely difficult but worth it and all this can easily be done with the help of the Lord.


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