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Our Factory
Zhejiang Chuanyuan Medical Supplies Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for Personal protective equipment (PPE), located in Haining city of Zhejiang province. We are focusing on producing high quality face masks, such as KN95 respirators disposable 3-ply mask and children's mask etc.
We make masks in strict accordance with Chinese standards, and with strict quality inspections to ensure product quality. We have CE certification and completed FDA establishment registration in USA.
With automatic face mask machine, we are able to produce 500000pcs face mask everyday, We are sparing no effort to produce high quality face mask to all over the world.
Our Product
KN95, Disposable 3-ply mask, children's mask
Product Application
Used in personal protection, PM2.5 protection, restaurant, food processing, beauty salon,electronics industry etc.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Fully automatic production , daily output exceeds 500,000 piecesChina Flat Shaped Face Mask manufacturers

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