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1.Product Introduction
This is a separate display rack. Innovative drawer design can be used to store items. It is made of natural bamboo and has been polished many times to give a smooth and delicate appearance. Its stable structure allows it to support a variety of potted plants. The height design effectively prevents the ground from falling ash and allows the plants to absorb more light. There are three sizes available with different heights, suitable for different rooms.
2.Product Parameter
Packing methodCorrugated Box
Packing specification37*37*65cm, etc.
ColorWood color
Installation methodEasy to installation
Raw materialsBamboo
3.Product feature and application
鈼?00% natural bamboo
鈼廌rawer design
鈼廇void dust
鈼廠trong and solid
鈼廡hree kinds of specifications
鈼廍asy to cleanStanding Plant Stand manufacturers

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