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Veterinary Ampicillin Erythromycin Powder锛?/strong>
Function of the attending
[Appropriate disease] Mainly used for chronic respiratory diseases caused by mycoplasma in livestock and poultry, or infectious laryngobronchitis, infectious bronchitis and infectious rhinitis caused by mycoplasma secondary infection. And the treatment of resistant staphylococcus aureus, anthrax, streptococcal disease, influenza and other diseases. In aquatic products, mainly used for the prevention and treatment of fish leucorrhea, bacterial rotten gills, rotten tail disease, leucorrhea, streptococcal disease and so on.
Ampicillin, also known as ampicillin, is one of the penicillin antibiotics that kills bacteria by blocking their cell walls. Its antibacterial spectrum includes both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, so ampicillin can be used to treat multiple site infections caused by these bacteria
This product is white crystalline powder. Taste slightly bitter. The product is slightly soluble in water and insoluble in chloroform, ethanol, ethyl ether or non-volatile oil; To dissolve in a dilute acid or alkali solution. Take this product, weigh it precisely, dissolve it with water and dilute it into a solution containing 2.5mg per 1ml, heat and dissolve it in a water bath at 60 掳 C, cool it, and measure it according to law. The specific curl is calculated from +280 掳 C to +305 掳 C according to the calculation of anhydric substance.
Q1. Are you GMP manufacture?
A: Yes,we are the animal injection veterinary medicine GMP factory with 10 years experiences since 2009.
Q2. What kind of veterinary dosage forms of your product?
A:We have 3 production lines include Liquid injection,Soluble Powder,Premix, Oral solution,Disinfectant, Powder injection, Pet medicine .China Veterinary Soluble Powder manufacturers

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